Understand what is Structured Cabling and its importance for companies

what is Structured Cabling and its importance

Understand what is Structured Cabling and its importance for companies. Structured cabling is the standardization of the entire company network with the same type of cable and connectors. It allows transmitting data, voice and multimedia signals on the same infrastructure, in addition to improving network performance and reducing maintenance costs and possible expansions.

The structured cabling solution is used to simply install equipment such as servers, desktops, switches, routers, extensions, and security cameras, among others.

In this way, a point that today is used as a branch, for example, tomorrow can be easily redirected to use a computer, camera or other low voltage equipment, without the need for a new installation.

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A structured cabling project has several particularities that make the infrastructure reliable and its implementation is carried out following international technical standards.


Now that you have discovered what structured cabling is, keep reading this post, as there is much more. You will learn:

  • The importance of network cabling
  • Main categories of structured cabling
  • Is Structured Network Certification Important?
  • The benefits of structured cabling


The importance of structured network cabling

It is very common to see companies that suffer from slow computer networks, network inactivity, and phones with constant failures, among other problems.

In most cases, this happens because many companies make the expansion and interconnection of equipment in an improvised way and without any planning or analysis of technical needs.

A network cabling that is not structured and made in any way, represents a very large portion of the problems that usually occur in voice solutions ( PABX, Virtual PABX or Call Center ) and data and greatly increases the need for technical interventions.

In addition to harming the company’s productivity, it considerably increases maintenance costs.


Main categories of structured cabling

When we talk about the structured cabling category, we are basically referring to the speed at which information will travel within the network.

That is why the definition of the category is a very important point within the project, as it will directly impact the performance of the network.

Is Structured Network Certification Important?

Network certification is a way to ensure that everything was done correctly and within the technical installation standards.

The process is done with professional equipment that measures factors such as cable length, resistance, and external interference.

If the device does not pass any point, the repair is carried out, and if necessary, even the change of the cable, which may have been damaged or broken during the passage work.


The benefits of structured network cabling

If you are still wondering why to implement a structured cabling project in your company, there are many benefits that can put an end to your doubts.

See some of them:

Improve network performance

Computer networks with low performance or a high rate of inactivity greatly hinder the company’s results.

In addition to harming the sales area, finance is also affected, as are all other departments of the company.

Mute extensions harm customer service, cause damage to the business and increase maintenance costs.

Therefore, a structured and robust network is essential for all these applications to work stably for as long as possible.

It improves the performance of the network as a whole, reduces downtime, increases productivity and, consequently, profits.

Fully organized and identified cabling

The organization is the best way to avoid network problems.

Structured cabling centralizes the entire network in a rack, and can also accommodate equipment such as servers, telephone exchange and DVR, preventing them from being scattered throughout the company and from having multiple people access.

Normally, all this IT infrastructure is stored inside a Data Center or Data Processing Center, also known as a CPD.

Flexibility to change the layout

As we have already seen, this solution has the ability to target any point for data, voice or multimedia use, which makes it completely flexible.

A well-defined project, besides being within the standards, distributes points in all spaces of the company, avoiding the need for future installations.

In this way, it is easy to change the layout, requiring only a few basic modifications to the central rack.

Reduction in maintenance costs

The simple fact that the network is organized, identified and with properly stored equipment, greatly reduces downtime and the need for maintenance.

When necessary, maintenance is simpler and faster, which will also not require high costs.

Cost reduction must be a constant search in all areas of the company and the IT area is no different.


Conclusion on the Structured Cabling solution

Now you know that the structured cabling solution standardizes the entire company network, allowing the transmission of data, voice and multimedia signals in the same infrastructure in a simple and organized way.

The most commonly used network cabling categories are Cat.5e and Cat.6. Cat.6 has a much greater capacity to transmit information.

In addition to minimizing network downtime, the structured network cabling solution generates other great benefits such as:

  • Improves network performance;
  • Organizes and centralizes all cabling and IT infrastructure;
  • Flexibility to change layout;
  • Reduces maintenance costs.

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