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What is IP video surveillance?

What is IP video surveillance

What is IP video surveillance?

Video surveillance on an IP (Internet Protocol) network is a system for viewing and recording video images via a computer network available both in private homes and in large companies. For the individual, the network can simply be made up of a BOX and a computer and for a company it can be made up of the existing computer network. Unlike conventional (analog) video surveillance systems, IP video uses the computer network rather than a dedicated cabling system (coaxial cable type) to transmit information.


On installation , the advantages of the IP network over analog are multiple; we can cite for example, the possibility of using the existing computer network and the absence of weakening of the signal with the length of the cable or even the extremely limited installation and maintenance costs.

In use , the video images can be transferred anywhere in the world via the Internet, allowing viewing and recording at any point on the network, in complete security, 24 hours a day, wherever you are. You thus visualize in real time with a simple Internet navigator your company, your trade or your residence since any computer connected to Internet. You finally know what is happening at home day and night. There are also mobility options that allow access and control of the cameras from a mobile phone (Smartphone).

CCTV application:

1/ The indoor or outdoor cameras can be connected either on a wired Ethernet network, or by using existing power lines with CPL (power line carrier) adapters, or by using the Wi-Fi wireless network; the images are permanently available for consultation on the Internet. The camera can be programmed to send an email or a notification on the smartphone app when motion is detected in the image.

2/ The images can be recorded either on the local computer, which implies that it is switched on during your absence, or on a stand-alone network video recorder (NVR) connected to the Internet Box.

3/ 4/ In a mobile situation: you can access your cameras live with a smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) or with a computer connected to the internet and thus remove doubts remotely and take the necessary measures. impose. You can also remotely access your NVR video recorder and view recording history based on events such as motion detection in the image.


How a network works:

A Network is a set of computers interconnected to exchange information. There are several types of networks depending on their size and geographical importance:

LAN (Local Area Network) = Local Network:
It is a network generally located in the same geographical entity (Company, business, home)

WAN (Wide Area Network) = Long Distance Network:
This is a network that is measured on a large geographical scale. Certain companies, generally international, often have such networks on a planetary scale. Internet is a WAN network

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) = Wireless Local Area Network:
This is a wireless LAN network that can use technology such as WiFi.




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