Why install a CCTV system?

Why install a CCTV system?

Why install a CCTV system?


When securing a home or company premises, the question arises of choosing the right protection system. What will allow you to select the right offer is above all to identify the objective sought. Would you like to be informed of the slightest incident, even minor ones? Do you want to be able to quickly choose the appropriate solution for the detected problem ? Different remote monitoring equipment can meet your needs. We will see why installing surveillance cameras offers many advantages.


The different remote monitoring systems

There are many remote monitoring techniques . Among these are:

  • motion sensors to identify suspicious behavior;
  • door opening or burglary detectors to know if people enter without being authorized to do so;
  • the microphones to perceive and record the noises of the place;
  • image sensors or video surveillance that allow the event to be viewed live or to make a visual recording.

What is a surveillance camera used for? It meets various information needs. It is as effective in detecting and identifying intruders as it is in ensuring the safety of people from a distance. This last use is enjoying growing success, especially to watch over children or the elderly who are losing their autonomy .


The benefits of CCTV

To secure a home or workplace, installing video surveillance is highly recommended. This technology is spreading to both businesses and individuals. In VSEs-SMEs, individual houses, condominiums, video surveillance in France is experiencing a remarkable boom. Why equip yourself with video surveillance? Because this technology offers many advantages over other remote monitoring methods.

Indeed, the surveillance camera system is useful to obtain precise information on the anomaly . It helps to remove doubt. Thus, what would have been disturbing and would have required a trip on your part, without visuals, becomes harmless with a video. Conversely, in the event of a proven problem, this technique makes it possible to react quickly and proportionately. A video surveillance system therefore reassures more quickly than other tele-security systems. More expensive than the price of a house alarm , it allows real remote control of premises and people.

Another purpose of video surveillance is also to deter bad intentions . Indeed, even discreet, the cameras remain visible. Attempts at delinquency are then greatly reduced. A dummy camera system may therefore in some cases be sufficient.


How much does it cost to install CCTV?


The cost of a video surveillance system depends on various parameters, including the preferred technology. Thus, you will have the choice between two types of video surveillance systems.


Analog video surveillance installation price

This surveillance system remains the most widespread for both companies and individuals. This installation consists of connecting the cameras to a recorder using cables. The images are then directly accessible on a screen and can be saved on a hard disk. The recorder is also responsible for transferring the analog signal over the network, to allow remote consultation.

If this technique turns out to be quite cumbersome to set up because of the cables to be run, it has the advantage of providing good image resolution with the Full HD option, while remaining much less expensive than camera technology. IP .


IP video surveillance installation price

With this technology, the cameras are connected to the Internet, either by an ethernet cable, or by Wifi or by CPL boxes . Software is then responsible for transferring the images to a computer or a dedicated application, allowing live consultation or data recording. The advantage of this wireless video surveillance system is its ease of installation.

These two systems correspond to different budgets. Count on average 300 euros for an analog video surveillance pack with 4 cameras against 700 euros for an IP video surveillance kit .

To obtain the price of the video surveillance solution that meets your expectations and the configuration of your home, it is essential to contact several companies. They will then establish a precise estimate for the installation of your video surveillance system . However, here are the parameters that will determine the price of your remote monitoring.


What makes video surveillance installation prices vary?


What do the prices for the installation of video surveillance depend on? The cost of a video surveillance system fluctuates according to various elements:

  • the number of cameras;
  • the quality of the video material;
  • options for additional devices: monitor, recorder;
  • the installation price.


price of video surveillance equipment

The budget for installing a video surveillance must therefore include the price of the cameras, but also that of all the accessories. These include the control box, video surveillance software, cables and installation. This total price will increase if IT equipment needs to be added.

The total cost of video surveillance thus varies from 50 euros to more than 5,000 euros, installation not included. This amplitude is explained by the range of cameras chosen. The price of a simple video surveillance camera will thus be lower than adjustable models, with infrared technology for filming in the dark or with 360° shots. Likewise, integrating a motion sensor can double the price of cameras. However, this investment is very valuable for confirming presence detection, and thus avoiding false alerts due to a simple sudden change in brightness.


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