8 Benefits Of Using A Mesh Network In Your Home

benefits of using a mesh network in your home

8 benefits of using a mesh network in your home.

Have you ever heard of mesh networking? It is a technology that promises to improve the stability and coverage of wireless internet. Despite being something new on the market, it is already possible to find routers that have this feature, offering several advantages over equipment that operates via wireless.

In this article, we will show you how this technology works and the main benefits of using it.

What is a mesh network and how does it work?

Mesh networking is considered a cutting-edge technology in terms of connection quality. It works by allowing you to create a Wi-Fi network system formed by two or more devices, which act as modules.

Each module operates as a contact point, which, when connected to another module, forms a coverage area where the internet signal is distributed. With this, the Wi-Fi network formed is able to have much greater stability and amplitude than that seen in a wireless network.

In common routers, objects such as furniture, doors, walls, and even other electronic devices can end up harming the Wi-Fi signal. This is not seen in the mesh network, as when using modules as routers, it manages to eliminate these barriers, ensuring that the wireless connection signal reaches more places and devices in one place efficiently.

Thus, it is recommended to use at least two mesh routers to create a wireless network, with more devices that can be added in strategic places to further expand the coverage area. However, it is possible to use only one router with this technology, and already notice improvements in relation to a wireless connection.

At first glance, it may seem that these modules act as simple signal repeaters. However, they operate much more dynamically and intelligently. They are able to evenly distribute the entire signal, checking where the devices that are using the internet are and selecting the best module to offer a connection with the maximum possible performance.

Advantages of having a mesh network

Now that you know how the mesh network works, it’s time to get to know the main benefits of having this technology in depth. For this, we will use as a basis the Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router developed by Positivo Casa Inteligente, a product that is a reference in this segment.

Better range and data transmission

As highlighted earlier, the mesh network offers much more amplitude and better transmission of data from a Wi-Fi connection in relation to the wireless signal, which suffers from interference from other objects and electronic devices.

The Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router also has beamforming technology, which can identify devices that are using the internet and direct the signal to where they are located.

More practical network management 

Mesh networks are super easy to manage and can be done by mobile apps. With this, the individual has in the palm of his hand the tools to check which devices are connected to the network.

The Smart House router offers parental control tools, ensuring that young children are not able to access sites and content that are dangerous or allowed only for people over 18 years of age, and the creation of a network for visitors, without the need to disclose passwords internet access.

Ease of connection 

No more reconnecting all the time. The mesh network system automatically connects to the access point that offers the best signal quality on the internet, and even if the user moves close to another module, it is not necessary to make a mechanical network change.

Network distribution

With the Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router, it is possible to control how the Wi-Fi network distribution should be done. The device has Quality of Service (QoS) technology, which allows the user to choose which devices connected to the network should have broadband traffic priority.

Scalability of the coverage area 

The mash network is great for homes and workplaces that have large spaces, as it eliminates the need to invest in signal repeaters. In the mesh network, it is enough to add new modules according to the need or expansion of the place, guaranteeing a much greater amplitude and with better signal quality than other devices.

Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Routers can reach up to 400m² when used in two units.

Connection with several devices

The Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router supports up to 64 devices connected simultaneously, which is much more than what you see in common routers. For those who own or want to make their home more automated and smart, it is the best option to integrate and sustain this entire structure.

Modern design 

The Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router is not only much more powerful than wireless routers, it also has a much more modern design, not having as many antennas as common models. With this, it can give a touch of elegance and modernity to the room where it is inserted.

Easy installation

The installation and configuration of the Smart House router are easy and quick to do, with no need to hire specialized labor. Just connect one of the modules to your internet network and the power source. All configuration is done by the app, which can also be used to restart the device and manage available networks.

As it was possible to observe, the mesh network has several advantages in relation to the wireless connection. For those who want to migrate to this technology and have a much more powerful Wi-Fi, the Smart Router Mesh Wi-Fi is a great choice.


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