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IP Camera: Advantages And The Principle Of Operation

IP camera advantages

IP camera: advantages and the principle of operation

Are you looking for a CCTV system for your home or business? Need something simple and effective? Have you heard of the IP camera and are you wondering if this type of device can meet your needs? Indeed, IP cameras are easy to install and generally allow the observation of images in real-time via your smartphone or tablet. Interested? Ok, so now we are going to tell you how an IP camera works, what are its advantages, and how to view the images on your smartphone. Let’s go!

Nowadays, the presence and contribution of digital technology in our daily lives are well established. Also, it is not a surprise to see digital developments in video surveillance. In fact, systems of this type have been around for many years. But with the strong development of the Internet and WiFi, this type of device is booming!

If you are looking for a surveillance camera, you have certainly heard of the IP camera for home or business protection. But what is it exactly?

What is the IP camera?

In the IP cameras, “IP” stands for “Internet Protocol”. The IP camera is therefore a surveillance camera connected to the Internet.

This specificity is very practical because nowadays we have access to the Internet just at hand : with our smartphone or our tablet and even with a laptop or static computer via a web browser. You can thus connect remotely to your IP camera.

To be more precise, all you have to do is connect remotely to your Internet box. Your IP camera is connected to it. Either wired or wireless via WiFi.

This type of system is quite scalable in the sense that you can add more IP cameras over time to expand your surveillance area. Obviously, this requires choosing elements that are compatible with each other.

Why choose an IP camera?

For the safety

The IP camera is above all a surveillance camera. If you choose to equip yourself with this type of equipment, it is therefore undoubtedly for security purposes. It is always good to remember that a security system, in addition to its intrinsic possibilities, has a deterrent effect on burglars, vandals, and other malicious people.

Afterward, it is to be dosed according to your needs. Maybe you don’t feel the need for 24/7/365 monitoring. You can then use your IP camera occasionally.

Important: You cannot do anything with your IP camera just because you are at home. Thus, you must take care not to infringe on the privacy of the people living under your roof and respect their image rights. Likewise, if you employ someone, you must notify them of the presence of the cameras. Moreover, you cannot film this person permanently.

For remote viewing

That’s the great thing about linking your camera to the Internet. Today it is an easily accessible resource with our everyday objects equipped with a screen.

Thus, and without talking about a spy camera, with a connected camera, you can view different things remotely. Like the fact that the children are safely back from school, for example.

For webcam function

People naturally tend to separate webcams from surveillance cameras. But in principle, a webcam is an IP camera.

Therefore, it is possible to use your security camera from time to time as a webcam. Be careful though, the two products are not interchangeable, we would not want our words to be misinterpreted. This is why we do not advise you to buy a product-stamped webcam to play the role of a real surveillance camera.

For ease of installation

An IP camera is simple to install. Once its location has been determined, simply connect it to your Internet box, either wired or by entering the WEP key to switch to WiFi. That’s about it for the installation.

To view remotely, you then download the application provided (if available) on your smartphone or tablet. Although it may vary from application to application, again the setting is quite simple.

IP camera vs analog

IP cameras have certain advantages over their analog counterparts. It’s up to you to see what is the most interesting for you according to your needs.

To determine this point, we have already produced an article on the subject which could help you. So do not hesitate to consult it: differences between the digital camera and analog camera.

What about the price of an IP camera?

The price of an IP camera in itself is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. But let’s say that the price range of this type of product is really wide as the models differ in their quality and their functions, some of which are very advanced. This is why it can be complex to make an informed choice in this area.

Thus, IP cameras are accessible for a few tens of euros. But this price can climb to several hundred euros, or even exceed 1000€.

If you have any doubts and the place to be secured is in the Rhône-Alpes region, you can call on our services to choose a suitable model and install your video surveillance system.

How do I watch my IP camera on my smartphone or tablet?

Configure the link between the smartphone and the IP camera

The first thing to do is to connect your surveillance camera to your Internet box. This can be done wired. The camera is thus automatically detected. Or you can connect it via WiFi. This operation will require the entry of the WEP key. In both cases, it is necessary that the IP camera is switched on.

Once the camera is connected, you will get its IP address. The IP address is a series of numbers and dots that identify a connected device. You can then detect the camera on your smartphone or tablet using this IP address.

Your camera may come with an app or software. In this case, follow the instructions to finalize the link between your IP camera and your smartphone.

View remotely

First of all: In this article, we have mentioned several times as an advantage the fact of being able to remotely view the images of your IP camera. However, we would not like you to think that all digital cameras give you this possibility. Also, check that this function is available before making your purchase.

You have two options for viewing your IP camera on your smartphone:

  • Enter or select the IP address of the camera in your smartphone (according to the methods of the manufacturer of your telephone).
  • Launch the application dedicated to your camera (if the application is available).

As long as your connection is sufficient, you can view your IP camera from any connected screen.

Installation of an IP camera kit in Lyon and Rhône-Alpes

As you will have understood, installing a basic IP camera is quite simple. However, you may need professional help for certain operations:

  • Choose the equipment that best suits your situation.
  • Determine the best location(s) for installation.
  • Get tips for optimizing the use of WiFi.
  • Configure or calibrate advanced options.
  • Ensure the installation of a camera kit for the home.
  • Ensure the installation of a complete video surveillance system for business.
  • Combine video surveillance and alarm system, or even integration into home automation (if compatible with equipment).

So do not hesitate to contact us for any installation of wireless cameras  (or installation of a video surveillance system in general). We are specialists in installing security solutions for homes and businesses.


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