The wireless speaker is equipment that provides autonomy for the user. By allowing a remote connection between two different devices, the user can control the sound equipment without having to go to it. In addition, it can be connected to different types of devices, such as smartphones, television, tablet, etc.

This technology is an essential feature for the most modern equipment, so it is very likely that your customer will look for it. Do you want to know more about the wireless speaker, how this technology works, and the advantages of having this equipment in your store? Keep reading this article!


How does wireless technology work?

Wireless is a technology that allows cable-free connection between different devices. Through the wireless network, data is transmitted between devices, whether or not they are immediately physically together. The system can also be used to access Wi-Fi from routers and computers, Bluetooth from smartphones, and even satellite data. 

All this is possible through infrared radiation, satellite or radio frequencies, which are electromagnetic radiation present in mobile phones, walkie-talkies-type radios, and also in wireless speakers.

Through an Access Point, a device sends data through radio waves, which are captured by antennas and transmitted to devices that are connected to the network. There are four types of wireless:

  • local (WLAN): used in computers, notebooks, and tablets, which communicate wirelessly and cables through Wi-Fi;
  • metropolitan (WMAN): allows the connection between computers that are in different cities;
  • short distance (WPAN): use low transfer rates to make connections;
  • long-distance (WWAN): used on the basis of cellular telephony services.

In addition, wireless technology can be divided into three main standards, which can also be found in the wireless speaker. See below what they are and their advantages.


Wireless networking standards


This standard operates on a frequency of 5 GHz, which is used less, so it makes the system more reliable. In addition, it is a faster system speed than the 802.11b standard, which goes up to 54 Mbps. On the other hand, it has a shorter range. The system starts to lose speed after reaching 30 meters, at lower ranges its speed is between 22 and 40 Mbps.



This is the most popular type of wireless. Its maximum speed reaches 11 Mbps and reaches a maximum of 100 meters indoors and 180 meters outdoors. Your access speed varies depending on the distance from the access point. When it reaches 20 meters, the speed is around 11 Mbps. Once it reaches between 80 to 100 meters, its speed drops to 1 Mbps or less. This can lead to a loss of signal and make the connection slower. This type of wireless has a frequency of 2.4 GHz.



This type of wireless combines with versions 802.11a and 802.11b and is known as “G” technology. It has the same speed as 802.11a and is compatible with 802.11b networks, in addition to being cheaper than 802.11a technology. However, it still uses the 2.4 GHz frequency, that is, it may suffer interference from other devices.  802.11g wireless bridges between 802.11a and b types, but it is a better version than the “b” model.



This version was only approved in 2009 and several products that have this type of wireless were released before this approval. 802.11n equipment may need a firmware upgrade to be fully compliant with the new standard, which must have the following technical specifications: available transfer rates: from 65 Mbps to 300 Mbps; transmission method: MIMO-OFDM and frequency range: 2.4 GHz and/or 5 GHz.

All this information about how wireless technology works applies to the type of sound product you sell in your store. Thus, having this knowledge is important when choosing the wireless speaker that will be sold in your store to provide a better experience to your customer.


Why have wireless speakers in your store?


Customers in the sound market are increasingly demanding, looking for technologies that make their lives easier and provide greater comfort. The wireless speaker is an example of this, taking into account all the characteristics of this technology.

The main advantage of this type of connection is that it allows the equipment to communicate at a greater distance than other resources, such as Bluetooth. For these and other advantages, wireless technology has been highly sought after by those who want to acquire new sound equipment. Therefore, it is essential to have equipment with this feature in your store. Do you want to start selling wireless speakers in your store?


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