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What are the advantages of a surveillance camera system?

advantages of a surveillance camera system

What are the advantages of a surveillance camera system? It is more and more natural and judicious to use digital technologies to reinforce the security of goods and people, and to obtain specific information on the places of commercial activities or living.

In terms of protection and deterrence, the surveillance camera system is one of the most powerful tools to put in place, in your home or workplace. In addition to the wired or wireless alarm, its use offers several possibilities:

real-time or deferred monitoring of operations and activities;

store and view previous video recordings;

cover large areas for controlling the flow of goods and people on a construction site, in a store, or a warehouse, etc.

In short, it is time to discover, in detail, the benefits of this monitoring system.

Management of large spaces remotely

To monitor large exploited domains, it can be tedious to organize a security team in an efficient and reliable way. The surveillance camera system makes it possible, by simple strategic positioning, to cover a large area with excellent viewing angles from elevated observation points.

Thus, a simple technical surveillance room where the images captured by the cameras are centralized is enough to see suspicious movements in real-time and ensure better interventions by the security forces. These may be shops, places visited or occupied by a large number of people, museums, supermarkets, schools or training establishments, penitentiaries, or a home extended over a large area, comprising several rooms.

You can thus monitor your home, store and other spaces while remaining comfortably seated behind your smartphone or computer screen.

Automatic and real-time alerts

Some installed cameras have alarm systems linked to motion sensors to trigger alerts in the event of an anomaly. Thus, a person will be quickly reported when he enters unauthorized times in a protected space. They can notify the owner of a residence even when he is away, allowing him to trigger, if necessary, the alarm and alert his security team or law enforcement.

The owner thus manages to follow the visitors in his residence, the times of exits and arrivals of the people and the products or the goods which circulate in the zone in detection, and this, permanently, since the video surveillance cameras turn continuously. This system is therefore a major reinforcement to the wireless alarm or to a classic wired alarm.

Saving energy and financial resources

There is also the possibility of triggering video recordings and alarms, only when the motion detectors signal suspicious activity. This makes the device economical in terms of electrical energy consumption and image storage compared to systems and devices that record 24/7. You can also select only the sequences where these movements occurred, thus facilitating the work of the recording viewers.

In large equipped areas, the workload of security personnel decreases, because instead of a large workforce to patrol, a screen monitoring team and a field team are enough to manage the space, even an extended one. We can also entrust the intervention phase to an external company or to the police for great speed and efficiency.

Reduction of cases of aggression, and precise information when they occur.

As the law obliges users of this equipment to signal the presence of cameras to potential visitors, this system deters several burglars who are unprepared either before or during the offences when they discover the video protection device. Studies have shown that surveillance cameras deter more than half of burglars, who fear leaving too obvious clues about their identity.

The recordings actually make it possible to identify a large amount of information on the intruders, which makes it easier for the investigators to define the profiles of suspects and arrest them.

In the event of an accident or a crime, these are also tools for clearing responsibility and proving the innocence of individuals unfairly implicated for theft or offences. This gives property owners greater peace of mind and peace of mind, as well as users of monitored infrastructure.

The various places where to install the surveillance camera to take advantage of it

In a residence

In a residence, video surveillance encourages occupants and staff to be more rigorous and respect the rules to be observed. This makes it possible to evaluate the efficiency and effective working time of maintenance teams or other tasks. If your building is very far away in the countryside, the remote monitoring specialists will be able to continue to follow your property even when you are hundreds of miles away.

On a building site

On a construction site or long-term activities, this deters possible thefts of materials and products intended for operations on the site. When they occur, checks lead to quickly apprehending the perpetrators of these acts. In the event of an accident, the recordings make it possible to better locate faults or responsibilities. Insurance premiums are also lower for a space covered by video surveillance.

In a store

In a store or business protected by these devices, shoplifting and burglary are rare. In addition, visitors and customers avoid causing disturbances and violent incidents or physical attacks so as not to be filmed in flagrante delicto. Warehouses become safe places where your goods are safe, and violations are more easily prevented or punished.

Precautions to be taken to ensure its effectiveness and durability

To enjoy this security technology in the long term, call on specialists who will install the right equipment according to your expectations and your budget will guarantee an operational system.

They will have to due to certain considerations, optimize the investment. Indeed, the network of cameras must be positioned as best as possible, to remain out of reach of reckless attackers who could physically destroy them. It is also necessary to put in place electrical energy backup measures in order to benefit from this surveillance even in the event of a classic power cut, accidental or caused by informed burglars. In California, this know-how is not lacking.

To obtain a professional service, the electronic security equipment company Starlight offers a complete range of residential and commercial alarms to effectively protect your assets. Its speciality is to provide you with the equipment adapted to your premises and to configure it according to the standards in force. The company also has access control systems and surveillance cameras for better monitoring of your home or your commercial centre.


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