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Security Cameras Businesses Huntington Beach

Security Cameras Businesses Huntington Beach

We have an elite team for Security Cameras for Businesses In Huntington BeachSecure your business now by calling on Starlight, We will be able to offer you a solution adapted to your needs and your budget. In the event of a problem, our troubleshooters also intervene as quickly as possible for professional repair.

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  • Professional advice on crime reduction, security cameras.


Security cameras are very important elements in any security system to be able to control and protect the accesses and important places of a business, community or home. In the market, there is a wide variety of video surveillance cameras where you can choose the one that best suits each need, such as a good resolution of the security camera or a design that hides its interior. When choosing a security camera, it is necessary to opt for one of the two types on the market, the Dome camera or the Bullet type. In order to make the best choice of a security camera,

let’s see Dome Security Camera vs Bullet Camera.


What is a Dome Security Camera

Dome-type security cameras have a round or oval design and are covered by an opaque cover that hides their interior for strategic reasons. With this type of camera, people do not know if they are active or not, and they are not aware of where they are focusing.

What are the advantages of a dome camera?

Dome or dome cameras provide a number of benefits when installed in a business security and control system. The main advantages of this type of camera are:

They hide their interior

Its dome is opaque so the inside of the camera, where the lens and the power LED is located, is hidden. Anyone looking at the camera will not be able to tell if the operation LED is on, or where the camera is pointing at that moment.

This feature is very interesting to install in shops as it prevents many thieves from trying to steal items by not being able to control whether they are being filmed at that precise moment.


They are small and adapt to the environment

As a general rule, Dome camera models are small and compact and can be easily installed anywhere. These devices adapt very well to the environment, going unnoticed and ensuring that the aesthetic aspect is not diminished by their presence.

Indoor use

Dome security cameras are installed mainly indoors, to monitor access areas, shops and large interior areas. By not knowing where to focus, you can control a greater angle and space.

Ceiling installation

Most dome cameras are prepared for installation on ceilings. Its rotary motion can cover areas up to 360 ° , so it is common to see them installed on the roofs of department stores and shops.

What are the drawbacks of Dome security cameras?

Some of the disadvantages of dome cameras are:

  • When used to cover large areas thanks to hiding where they focus, many times they are not focusing and recording towards the correct place where an incident is taking place.
  • It is not easy to find models for walls that are adapted to exteriors, as they are cameras designed for interiors and installation on ceilings.

What is a bullet security camera?

Bullet cameras take their name from the design they feature bullet-shaped or outward. These outdoor video surveillance devices allow you to cover a fixed area without dispersing your vision.

Bullet cameras are typically mounted on the wall, with their bullet design sticking out. This characteristic makes the presence of this type of camera evident.

What are the advantages of a bullet camera

The main benefits of a Bullet camera are:

For exterior and interior

Although they are originally designed with the aim of being used outdoors, they can be installed without problems indoors. These cameras have special protections that make them resistant to inclement weather and other agents such as dust. For this reason, their use outdoors is the most common that they are given.

Infrared and night vision

Bullet security cameras usually include infrared and night vision so they are ideal elements for recording areas at night in conditions of reduced visibility.

Wall installation

Bullet cameras usually point towards a fixed point so their design is usually focused on their installation on a wall. However, most models can be well suited for a ceiling or pole installation.


What are the drawbacks of Bullet security cameras?

Some of the drawbacks of Bullet cameras are:

  • The angle of view of this type of camera is usually small but it will depend on the optics used.
  • The lens of these cameras is visible, making it easier for thieves to do their job by knowing exactly where they are pointing. This visible lens also helps them to be vandalized, suffering from graffiti on the lens, for example.


Dome security camera vs bullet camera, which one to choose

We have already seen both types of security cameras, their advantages and some of their disadvantages. With these criteria, we can assess our needs and choose the type of camera that best suits our needs.

  • For example, if you want to monitor the interior of a store, it is better to opt for a dome camera with a greater angle of vision and with the lens and the power LED hidden.
  • If you want to control a specific corridor, with a Bullet camera you can focus directly on the area and monitor efficiently.
  • If discretion is an important point when installing the security camera, the Domo will go better unnoticed than the Bullet, with a more evident presence.
  • For external video surveillance, it is better to opt for a Bullet, since they are made of materials to protect the camera from external agents such as rain, wind or sun, for example.
  • Both models can be used together to implement a complete internal and external video surveillance system.

Bullet and Dome cameras are different but can work together in a video surveillance system. Both can function as IP cameras with a good degree of IP protection.

When choosing between these two types of security cameras, it is important to know their advantages and disadvantages and thus select the best solution according to the needs of each specific case.


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