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Commercial Security Cameras in Newport Beach

Commercial Security Cameras in Newport Beach

Looking for Commercial Security Cameras in Newport Beach? You are just in the right place. STARLIGHT is a company in Southern California specialized in electronic security, we have been operating for almost a decade in this market, performing installations, sales and maintenance of electronic security equipment, our target audience is: businesses, industries and homes, our main services are: installation of security cameras and alarms,


  • To be a group of excellence and reference in our field of activity, delivering solutions that can increasingly satisfy our customers and help them in their quality of life.


  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Professional Appreciation
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency
  • Courage

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Security camera monitoring


The monitoring of security cameras is very important to ensure greater safety and quality of life for people who live in certain places. In large cities, due to the high number of violence and robberies, the installation of this security system is classified as a highly effective way to prevent accidents, in addition to guaranteeing autonomy and well-being for the population.

In addition to its own functioning, the monitoring of security cameras can be carried out in an integrated manner: carried out by the security team or by the owner himself. Depending on the technology deployed, the owner can monitor the cameras via the application, thus being able to know exactly how the conditions of his property are.

In the case of condominiums, the monitoring of security cameras can also be carried out by the concierge service, which, in addition to monitoring the entry and exit of people, is able to identify the real intentions of passersby, through records collected on video.


The monitoring of security cameras can be carried out at all times: the advantage is that the videos are available for viewing 24 hours. Furthermore, the monitoring of security cameras is conducted in a detailed way, as the equipment is installed at strategic points to ensure better viewing and minimize risks.

Among the main advantages of installing this security system are:

  • Maximum Capacity, with image storage and video file support;
  • Autonomy and convenience through remote access;
  • High-quality images;
  • Simplified setup.

In addition to being a highly specialized and recommended service, this form of monitoring is intuitive. Thus, it simplifies surveillance of locations and reinforces security against intrusion in accessing records.


Founded in 2002, headquartered in the Taboão da Serra region, in São Paulo, the MGA Group was created with the objective of ensuring electronic surveillance of the quality of the property, with preventive services to protect the integrity of the site and the well-being of people who live in the place. To perform efficient services, the company works with equipment from the best brands and high technology, operated by a specialized team.


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