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Security Camera Installation In Newport Beach

Security Camera Installation In Newport Beach

Burglaries and thefts are numerous in the U.S  and you might seek an absolute experienced and elite team for Security Camera Installation In Newport Beach and through Southern California. Business Surveillance Cameras Installation in Newport Beac is our essential job.

STRAIGHT will set up your camera systems by a highly skilled and very well trained security specialist team at very competitive prices with almost a decade of experience and numerous home and business installations.

Our security camera products are very efficient. They are resistant to shocks, heat and extreme cold. The cameras film in high definition and are also efficient at night thanks to the infra-red LED.

  • The request for an estimated price for the installation of security cameras, video surveillance troubleshooting and rental is free. Trust our installers to ensure a perfect follow-up and installation of your protection systems.

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What are the types of security cameras?

Admittedly, choosing a security camera is not easy. There are many models, each with a range of functions. However, with a little research, it is possible to find the one that fits what you need. That’s exactly the point: what do you need? Is it a fixed camera for surveillance of an area? Is the place lit up? Will anyone be watching the footage?

Yes, there are many questions, but they are fundamental to understanding your real need. Today we are going to talk about different types of security cameras, and efficient ways to prevent loss from theft in your company.

IP cameras or CCTV?

IP-type cameras are the most advanced when it comes to security, whether for their ease of use or the flexibility of the technology. It is possible to use them with network tail, Wi-Fi and even telephone connections such as 4G. For the user, the images are just a touch away, as they can be accessed from tablets and smartphones, in addition to computers.

On the other side, we have CCTV, a technology prior to IP, which required a device to receive images from analogue cameras in addition to the DVR, the device that actually records the images. It is worth remembering all the bureaucracy at the time of installation since severe masonry work needs to be done. Despite being widely used, it has been quickly replaced by the newer and more efficient technology of IP cameras.

Infrared Cameras

They are very efficient cameras, thanks to their ability to capture high-resolution, colour images during the day and, during the night, to display images much clearer than those the human eye is capable of seeing. They are extremely efficient in places with little or no light.

Pan Tilt Cameras with Zoom

These are cameras that can be remotely controlled by software or a joystick. So it is possible to turn the camera sideways, up or down, in addition to zooming. They are equipment widely used in large areas, such as shopping centres, airports and companies. One of its advantages is the programming: it is possible to organize pre-defined rounds – which makes them film the points that the operator has programmed or film a specific area when no one is present.

WiFi cameras

These cameras are indicated for hard to reach places or in order to facilitate installation work. Wi-Fi cameras can work connected to electricity or also using batteries added to solar energy, (transforming it into a completely independent device). This last one is the solution we work with, being excellent for public events or monitoring of works.

How to improve the efficiency of your security system

The use of good security cameras with a high focal resolution is essential, as factors such as people’s faces and license plates are fundamental. In order to reduce losses due to theft in your company, in addition to cameras, it is necessary to adopt new entry and exit practices, such as: not allowing the entry of backpacks and bags in the work area, not allowing employees without uniforms in the area of work, in addition to strict input and output control. A stricter process combined with quality cameras will inhibit the action of bad elements that can act within the company.

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Night surveillance system: how does this technology work?


To ensure maximum safety on construction sites, the solutions used must be efficient 24 hours a day. Monitoring during the day is simpler to be carried out due to the brightness provided by sunlight, but how to ensure maximum protection of the site at night? The answer lies in the night surveillance system!

In civil construction works, the vast majority of robberies happen precisely at night, as during this period the construction site is usually stopped and without the presence of professionals working on the site. That’s why investing in a quality night surveillance system can make all the difference to inhibiting criminal actions and helping to identify individuals in the event of a theft.

But do you know how night monitoring systems work? Below, we explain further how this technology works. Check out!

How does the night surveillance system work?

There are different types of cameras used for night monitoring, such as LED cameras, ambient light compensator cameras and thermal cameras. However, infrared cameras are one of the most efficient technologies when it comes to night surveillance systems.

This equipment has the ability to capture movements through thermal waves that are generated by the objects or individuals to be observed. To ensure correct operation, the cameras have an LED board with infrared ray emitters and a lighting sensor.

When the sensor identifies a low amount of light in the environment, the LED board receives a signal that triggers the infrared light emitters. The emission of light reaches an object or a person, is reflected and returns to the camera where a sensor captures the information and forms the image.

What to consider when choosing your night surveillance system?

To ensure that the system is really efficient and brings the expected results, you must observe some characteristics that prove its quality and effectiveness. Among the main requirements, it is important to note:

image quality

The higher the camera’s resolution, the clearer and sharper the images will be. Therefore, the idea is to opt for cameras with Full HD technology, as they offer much better image quality. Full HD technology allows digital zoom to get more details than at lower resolutions. This optimizes the process of analyzing and later evaluating any problem or accident when images are required.

Coverage area

Generally, night vision cameras have a range of around 15 to 20 meters. On the other hand, infrared camera technology allows you to capture images at a distance of 30 meters or more. Therefore, always check the coverage area the camera has and choose one that meets the specific demands of your job site.

Panoramic view

In addition to achieving a good coverage area, it is important that the night surveillance system provides a panoramic view of the entire place to be monitored. In addition, other items such as remotely controlled tilt and zoom are also important and help ensure more effective monitoring.

Remote access

The images from security cameras are generally transmitted to a monitoring centre, but the manager of work, for example, is not always able to follow the images transmitted by the computer. Therefore, the idea is that the system allows access to images remotely through a smartphone, bringing much more agility and practicality to the professional’s routine.


Do you want to know how to optimize safety in civil construction works? Discover our solutions and rely on high technology to ensure more peace of mind and protection for your work!


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