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Home Security Installation Huntington Beach

Home Security Installation Huntington Beach

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Security cameras: Types, tips and which one to buy for home

Home security and surveillance cameras

Today, having a video surveillance system or security cameras is an optimal solution to keep thieves out and protect the home and its inhabitants. The constant progress of technology has led the security sector, especially in recent years, to offer the market increasingly efficient products for all needs and at very competitive prices.

We can satisfy our security from a simple surveillance camera that we can buy at an economic price to really complex systems that stand out for their efficiency and home automation.

In this article, we are going to try to explain what home security cameras we can find on the market, their different types, and how we should choose them. It is a complement to the article on security measures to prevent theft at home.

Although first, we would like to see where thieves enter homes (Chalets, flats, offices, warehouses … etc) so we leave the following infographic that can give us an idea of ​​the weak and unsafe points of our home.

In addition, we must also know …  What are the most used protection and security measures?

As we can see in the image, the security camera is the last option for users, however, and as we will see in the article, it is one of the most effective options both inside and outside the home.

Remember … What is the security camera? They are video surveillance cameras in charge of capturing everything that happens in a space, be it open or closed; house, chalet – single-family homes, parking lots, business … etc

What are the advantages of surveillance cameras?

The alarm systems  have a dual function: First is to deter intrusion into the home and, if this occurs, be able to detect it and notify the person concerned as quickly as possible, but also:

  • Although it may seem a lie, the psychological aspect is important, since this anti-theft system provides “peace of mind” to home users, recognizing that they can be warned while trying to enter the home.
  • Discourage possible theft since they are really visible.
  • They are relatively inexpensive and the price range for sale in the market is wide.
  • The surveillance cameras are extremely useful because they allow monitoring activities of people who visit your home and office, as well as events. We have a record of what happens.
  • Collect evidence of possible crimes – burglaries that are practised in the home.
  • It can help you make correct and fair decisions when resolving disputes, both at home and professionally. we have pictures to resolve disputes.

Everything is not so beautiful, it must be said that there are some disadvantages how; privacy problems, complex installations are not cheap, theft cannot be stopped “in situ” but it is a warning and registration measure, and being an electronic system, in the worst-case scenario, we have hackers.

Types of security cameras

With technology, the market offers us a wide range of possibilities, from the most modern with Wi-Fi to those that are simply for pretence, and the different types of surveillance cameras according to their functions and capabilities:

1.- Indoor cameras

They are the simplest that we can find on the market and the cheapest since they do not need as many mechanisms and protections as those used abroad.

2.- Cameras with movement and zoom

They are usually used in large spaces with a security centre where one person monitors and watches over the cameras. These robotic cameras  that have the pro

3.- Infrared cameras or night vision

This type of instrument is used in surveillance where there are poorly lit spaces. They normally record all day and at night they automatically turn on their infrared with black and white vision. They are the most expensive on the market for LED night vision.

They are used as video surveillance cameras within a CCTV installation  … What is a CCTV system? They are the acronym for closed-circuit television, which forms video surveillance technology to monitor a variety of activities and environments where its components are linked to each other.

A CCTV installation will allow images received from one or more cameras to be viewed on a monitor and stored on a recording device. An example of a CCTV system in outline format would be:

4.- Hidden cameras

They are the so-called spy cameras to monitor and watch over a home, office or business going 100% unnoticed. They are introduced inside some object how; motion sensors, smoke detectors, plugs … etc.

5.- IP cameras

The IP camera is those that connect directly to the Internet showing the image it displays. They are the most used and sold on the market since they currently also incorporate Wi-Fi and you can manage them and view the images they capture from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

The main advantage of the IP camera resides in the fact that it is a video surveillance device that allows you to view images in real-time from a distance, through the connection with an Internet IP address.

We can find them for sale with technical specifications for normal consumption, for home, or more developed for professionals.

As we can see in the following image there are a lot of shapes and models, which also include other functions such as wifi IP camera :

6.- Vandal resistant cameras

They are used in public transit areas vulnerable to theft and possible attacks. It is mounted on a fixed and resistant casing. It is often used a lot in warehouses, parking lots, nightclubs, public roads and in general in any outdoor space.

7.- Wi-Fi or wireless cameras

They are those that are not directly connected by a cable. It usually has a battery that powers them and transmits data over WiFi.

They are the ones used inside the home, for example, to see how the children or the baby are doing, and technology has also been incorporated into the IP cameras to work directly with the monitoring over the internet.

8.- Exterior cameras

This type of camera is designed to resist weather actions (rain, wind … etc) and are used in outdoor spaces. When we buy an outdoor camera, the price is usually more expensive mainly because of the protective housing.

9.- All-in-one cameras

With advances in technology, the type of camera that you can find in a store has become cheaper, so they have been incorporating different elements so that they can have more functions.

For example, there are models that are both indoor and outdoor, that use Wi-Fi and monitoring is through the Internet, either on a computer or mobile. In the end, we can have a secure installation with cameras as complex as we want and more if we use home automation in the home installation.

They are also classified and distinguished according to their shape, which can mainly be the following, although currently, the imagination goes very far in their designs:

  • Cube cameras (Indoor)
  • Box cameras (Indoor)
  • Bullet cameras (For outdoor)
  • Dome cameras (For indoor and outdoor)

Differences between analogue and IP camera

What is the difference between an analogue camera and an ipe? Analogue cameras communicate to a video recorder, they need a physical device to record what happens. In contrast, IPE cameras communicate by the network, that is, some direct to an “ipe web” where the recording is stored or the most modern ones, by Wifi, for example, the information is recorded for a time on our mobile.


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