All Advantages Of Structured Cabling

All Advantages Of Structured Cabling

All Advantages Of Structured Cabling.

Structured Cabling enables the integration of voice, data traffic, image, control, and signaling services, regardless of the transmitted signals, the equipment used, or the layout of the installation in your company.

We are partners with the main manufacturers in the market and with qualified technicians to provide the quality and organization that your LAN network needs.

We use the best practices and the best use of resources in order to ensure that all network points are in the ideal locations for use, that is, where the network equipment (switches, among others) are.

The cabling avoids changes whenever it is necessary to insert or remove a network point, providing more agility and practicality in the execution of the service, in addition to allowing the points to be properly installed.

Project Development and Execution

  • Consultancy for dimensioning and feasibility study for project implementation
  • Infrastructure installation (ducts, cable trays, beds, etc.)
  • Solution design and installation
  • Network certification
  • Specialized technical support
  • Pre and after-sales service
  • Warranties

Our Main Services in Structured Cabling

  • Elaboration and execution of structured cabling projects in CAT5, CAT6, and CAT6A standards
  • Logical network cabling
  • LAN network sizing
  • LAN network certification
  • Data, voice, and electrical points
  • Identification and organization of racks
  • Analysis of failures in the physical network
  • Logical network certification with Fluke
  • Logical network points installations
  • Logical network point repairs
  • Logical network point maintenance
  • Infrastructure installations, cable trays, pipes, beds, etc.
  • Design and execution of projects for corporate networks
  • Design and execution of projects for data centers
  • Installations of internal optical networks for corporate use
  • Impeccable service and equipment identification
  • Turnkey physical infrastructure projects

What are the benefits of Structured Cabling?

  • Ease of management
  • Reduces the need for updates and maintenance costs
  • Your entire IT structure will be better prepared for expansion
  • There will be greater flexibility throughout your system
  • Structured cabling systems are more aesthetically pleasing

We have extensive experience in physical infrastructure projects for companies.

Our mission is to provide solutions, and improvements and integrate people through a telecommunication system, always combined with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. With more than 15 years in the market, we are a national reference, recognized for the agility and quality of the services provided.

We work with the best market brands.

Maintenance contract

We work in the maintenance contract modality, providing technology and qualified labor to carry out installations and corrective maintenance of any nature in all sizes of companies.

We offer several options for Maintenance Contracts, adapting to the reality of each client:

  • Preventives
  • Concealers
  • On-site technicians
  • Maintenance, relocation,, and installation services are included.



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