Structured Cabling: Understand Why Your Business Needs It

Structured cabling

Structured cabling: understand why your business needs it

In addition to striving for new technologies and researching market trends, companies should also pay attention to the organization of their technological infrastructure. The lack of management and preparation when dealing with networks and hardware can cause a lot of headaches in the course of the company’s growth. That’s why investing in structured cabling solutions is so important.

Check out now, in the post we prepared for you, what benefits structured cabling can offer and why your company needs it to grow.

1. A little more about structured cabling

Structured cabling is an organized approach to a cable infrastructure. In such a system, hardware ports, whether telephone or network, are connected to a patch panel, which more efficiently orders signals to and from where signals are being sent. This patch panel is then connected to a distribution center, responsible for data traffic for the entire structure.

It is important to note that each structured cabling is unique. This happens due to a sequence of variations, such as:

  • The architecture of the building, which will house the installation of cables;
  • Products used in cables and connections;
  • The functions that the cable installation will play in the company’s activities;
  • The types of equipment that cables will serve, both now and in the future;
  • The configurations of systems already installed, especially with regard to updates and renovations.

Structured cabling allows all data, voice, and multimedia signals to be transmitted over the same cable within the same infrastructure, such as sockets, connectors, and panels.

2. The advantages that your company will have

Implementing a structured cabling system in a well-planned way will reduce costs with new installations, facilitate changes, make maintenance faster and safer, and allow the system to be available for new applications involving voice, data, and images. It’s an infrastructure that will help your business grow.

2.1. Easy and affordable management

Structured cabling is a very effective way to make changes to the network architecture. Organizations only need to invest once to install this type of system, which provides great centralization and clarity for all maintenance and administration needs.

With a much more orderly and segmented network structure, if you need to renew your systems, it can be done much faster and more efficiently, with minimal disruption to the network’s operation.

2.2. Isolation of faulty systems

With this technology, segregating faulty network components is much simpler, as the entire system is categorized into blocks that can be independently maintained. This makes troubleshooting much easier and avoids blocking other devices connected to the network.

2.3. consistency and flexibility

Multiple wiring systems can cause a lot of problems. However, a structured cabling system consolidates all the wiring within a single infrastructure, which transfers data in multiple formats (voice, image, sound, etc.).

In an office or company, there are several types of devices (computers, telephones, fax, projectors), however, you will need to use only one strategy to connect them all. This flexibility also makes the system simple to dismantle and transport to a new location.

2.4. Preparing for company growth

The structured cabling system is also scalable and can be adapted to the growing needs of your business. You can easily install new devices to the network at no additional cost.

Another positive point is the large bandwidth. This means the system can handle future additions your company decides to add, such as multimedia and video conferencing, with little disruption to your current situation.

3. Innovation and preparation for your company

Structured cabling is a system that provides a platform on which a company’s entire IT strategy is built. It is a solution that aims at the present and the future of technology, and that will not be outdated in a few years.


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