The importance of structured cabling for your business

importance of structured cabling

The importance of structured cabling for your business, A structured cabling project is a fundamental process for companies. Want to know why?

Computer network slowdowns, network inactivity, and phones with constant failures, among many other problems. Have you ever been through any of these situations? Usually, this happens because several companies end up making the expansion and interconnection of equipment in an improvised way, or rather, without any planning and analysis of the main technical needs. And that’s why structured cabling is important. Check out all the benefits!



Structured cabling is the standardization of the entire company network with the same type of cable and connectors. Here at EW Info, for example, we develop structured cabling projects for computer networks and telephone networks, using twisted and optical fiber, with data, voice, and video integration.

The construction of a structured network is a fundamental process for companies, bringing organization and flexibility in expansions and eventual layout changes.


A structured cabling project is for you to keep your company running smoothly, aiming to maintain the stability of the network operation. So imagine if you didn’t hire a company to do the structured cabling and then someone went out and cabled wherever they thought was best. As the person does not know the rules, he may end up running the cable near a high-voltage source or near fluorescent lamps, for example, and this generates noise and instability in your network. Eduardo Wendel, CEO of EW Info.


In fact, many problems in the IT area could be avoided with this structuring of the network. After all: it improves network performance, reduces downtime, reduces maintenance costs, brings flexibility to change the layout, provides organization, and much more!


EW Info designs install, certifies, and maintains structured cabling systems, aiming to reduce network maintenance costs and possible failures. In addition, we seek to establish a technical standard that makes it capable of being generated or handled by any professional in the field.

Our team is trained and has extensive experience in:

-Elaboration of executive projects;

-Installation of data and telephony network;

– Structured cabling project in twisted pair CAT 5 and CAT 6, Wireless network and optical fiber;

-Certification of wired networks with state-of-the-art equipment;

-Installation and fusion of optical fiber;

-Installation of infrastructure for the passage of cables: cable trays, conduits and conduits;

-Implementation of internal video circuit (CCTV);

-Installation, identification and reorganization of rack and network assets;

-Design and installation of electrical circuits for IT equipment;

-Network documentation with delivery of “As Built” plants.

If you want to take this stability and structure to your company, get in touch ! We can identify the best project to meet your needs and offer the best solutions.


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