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CCTV Company Anaheim

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After All, Is Camera Monitoring That Important?

One of the tools provided by the most used technology for the security area is camera monitoring. Used almost all over the world, it is considered almost indispensable when one wants to protect an area or some property.

But, after all, where does its importance lie and what are its main characteristics? How does the system work and where can it be applied? Read on and find out now what you need to know about camera monitoring.

What is camera monitoring?

Today, security is an essential requirement in any environment, whether residential or business. One of the most efficient initiatives to obtain the necessary security is to guard the place you want to protect from the visit of malicious people.

In this sense, the most effective surveillance is obtained through camera monitoring. In fact, it can constitute a 24-hour surveillance system. Thus, camera monitoring can be conceptualized as:

  1. a remote surveillance system using cameras;
  2. integrated to a centre capable of immediate responses;
  3. with real-time tracking;
  4. with a record of previous images;
  5. with technological facilities that expand its possibilities.

Thus, it can be deployed in residential and commercial condominiums, banks, stores, businesses and homes, among others. Its use has repeatedly helped to reduce illicit activities around the world.

How does it work?

Camera monitoring, in a simplified way, operates from the capture of images through cameras installed in strategically selected locations. The signal of the captured images is transmitted via cable or wirelessly to a storage device and directly to receiving equipment.

Storage will depend on the type of signal sent but can accumulate several days of recording. In turn, the transmission can take the signal to a desktop screen in a central or even to the interested person’s smartphone, with the facilities that electronic security technology offers.

The technology, however, makes it possible to advance in improvements that seem to have no end, developing facilities and improving the quality of images and the system’s storage capacity. This image sent to the monitoring centre allows the watchman in control to take measures such as:

  • zoom in on the image;
  • focus on different points if necessary;
  • use of intelligent analysis software;
  • activation of remote alarms;
  • sending a team of security guards to the site;
  • mobilization of the police.
How important is camera monitoring?

The technology itself is not a single, isolated solution to the crime issues in a city. However, its use is an excellent instrument for reducing and inhibiting malicious initiatives in the various environments where it is applied, especially when it comes to property security.

With the use of monitoring by cameras, condominiums, hospitals, schools, businesses and a multitude of residential, institutional or commercial facilities can be largely protected. The possibilities are quite extensive, but always with a good security spectrum.

The fact of allowing virtually any area or sector of an organization to be permanently monitored from a central is already a strong inhibitor of illegality. In addition, the recording of images allows the identification of facts and those responsible.

In this sense, it is not just about security against external threats, but it also involves the inhibition of various illegal actions by a company’s own internal public. It is important to emphasize that it is not the people who are being watched, but the environments that are under protection.

Therefore, it is easy to imagine its importance, for example, in protecting products displayed on supermarket shelves. Any theft initiative or similar attitude can be noticed, triggering the operational security mechanisms.

What are the benefits of camera monitoring?

Monitoring through cameras brings enough benefits to be used virtually all over the world:

  • 24-hour monitoring guarantee;
  • very cost-effective;
  • real-time monitoring of areas with little or no flow;
  • illicit intention inhibiting factor;
  • enabling remote access control;
  • registration of improper actions or accesses;
  • access via Smartphone;
  • possibility of ready answers.
How to set up a monitoring system?

When deciding to set up a camera monitoring system, some subsequent steps need to be considered so that everything works out. Follow up!


The first thing to do is define the specific goal you want to achieve. Condominiums, homes, businesses and parking lots, as well as any other location, need to be clear about what you want with the system. Basically, consider the following possibilities:

  • access control of people at the entrance;
  • access control of vehicles at entrance or parking ;
  • perimeter monitoring;
  • protection of less frequented areas;
  • protection of property assets.

Having defined what is intended with the monitoring system, strategic points that meet the objectives must be sought. In this sense, look for the most susceptible points due to the vulnerability they present.

Likewise, consider the places with less frequent traffic of vehicles and people. These places are more targeted when thinking about invading an area with prohibited access.

On the other hand, there are points of greater frequency of people such as access halls, waiting rooms and service sectors, for example, that require follow-up. In industries, areas such as the warehouse are quite targeted.


The most modern equipment is mostly digital due to the immense availability of resources they can offer and the quality of the images. But, anyway, there is still a lot of demand for analogue systems.

Likewise, consider using IP cameras, the most advanced technology in imaging. Entirely digital, your transmission has the best quality. and, in addition, the entire system can be used as a transmission and internet access route.


The recording and storage of the images produced must be stored in order to guarantee any demand for identifying events or people in the area. Thus, the quality of the equipment responsible for maintaining the storage of the generated visual information must be taken into account.


The digital video recorder, known by its acronym in English DVR ( digital video recorder ) is the equipment that manages all the cameras. In this sense, the number of cameras defines the DVR model to be adopted due to the number of channels required.

For a suitable choice, it is good to consider a model that allows for leftover channels for future expansions of the system with the inclusion of new cameras. Modern DVRs have replaced the old capture cards.

We saw that camera monitoring is of great importance as a security and protection tool, as well as its almost universal use, with countless applications. Now, discover the benefits of hiring a security company to ensure the protection your business needs.

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