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Home Security Camera CCTV In Anaheim

Home Security Camera CCTV In Anaheim

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Learn more about the Applications and benefits of a Wi-Fi home security system

A Wi-Fi home security system is a technology that does not require major interventions in the infrastructure of the installation site and promotes ease and convenience in controlling equipment through applications.

In addition, the variety of products and specific lines available on the market also adapt to the different goals and needs of each house.

In this post, we will understand what are the benefits and applications of a wireless home security system. Follow up!

home security system

When we refer to a home security system, we are talking about a complete project that brings together a set of equipment that seek to protect people and their property.

Despite being different solutions, together, they usually make up the famous triad of electronic security: access control, monitoring and the alarm system, that is, easy control of entrances and exits, verification of the environment at any time and immediate warnings in case of invasion.

Some technological solutions have Wi-Fi connection models, such as cameras, presence sensors, alarms and video intercoms, which allow monitoring of the home from anywhere through an application on the smartphone. Thus, you are at ease with the practicality of protecting your animals, family and property, even from a distance

But beware, before deciding which appliances to buy, talk to a technician to understand which solutions fit your needs and the specifications of the house. It will also help you find out which products can be integrated and which cannot.

These wireless security equipment are usually very simple to use and some models allow the resident to install them themselves, as in the case of indoor cameras.

However, some devices will need the installer’s expertise, such as when placing an alarm centre, for example.

Easy control of inputs and outputs

Imagine someone entering your house without permission? This would be a very uncomfortable situation and shows that your home is not secure enough.

For this reason, an access control system is essential to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to your home.

The installation can be carried out both outdoors, such as entrance or garage gates, or indoors, such as the main doors of the apartment or house. See what equipment can make managing people in your home easier:

  • Digital locks: specific for entrance doors, this device allows the resident to access the residence through passwords, approach cards (known as Tags) or digital biometrics, which eliminates the need for keys and prevents unauthorized copies from being made. In addition, it is possible to integrate this equipment with alarms, open door sensors and automatic locking.
  • Video intercom: the main differential of this equipment is the possibility for the resident to see and talk to the visitor in real-time, even when they are away from home. Just use an app on the smartphone connected to the internet. The technology even allows images to be recorded for later viewing.
Check the environment at any time

The Wi-Fi home security system allows the connection of equipment, such as cameras, with an application for smartphones. This allows the resident to have control of movement at home from anywhere in the world, such as at work or during a trip, for example, requiring only an internet connection.

Understand what operating possibilities the application allows for verification of residence at any time:

  • Monitoring with real-time images:  the resident can check the house, observe the movement in the environment and check if everything is in order, all this on the smartphone screen and in real-time, or by recording the images. This feature is essential for beach houses and sites that are not visited by the owners for a long time, in addition to contributing to the monitoring of the elderly, children and even pets.
  • Voice communication:  with the application, the resident can also hear what is happening in their home through the audio capture carried out by the camera’s sound system. With this, there is the possibility of interacting with people or pets present in the environment.
  • The notification system in suspicious cases:  allows the resident to receive alerts and warnings on the smartphone if the camera identifies any suspicious movement. Thus, it is possible to configure automatic notification in the app itself.

Immediate warnings in case of invasion

A Wi-Fi home security alarm system is one of the most important to keep your home safe.

This technology works as the brain of the entire operation, monitoring all other devices to identify any suspicious event, thus issuing an alert to the homeowners or monitoring company, which will immediately call the police if the invasion is confirmed.

Find out what are the main equipment that makes up the wireless alarm system:

  • Motion sensor:  identifies movements in environments and issues alerts in suspicious cases. There are models on the market with artificial intelligence, making the sensors much more accurate and preventing accidental triggering. For example, moving your pet or even a curtain in your living room will not trigger the alarm.
  • Magnetic opening sensor protects doors and windows, monitoring opening and closing.
  • Siren:  essential item for triggering high power sounds when other equipment identifies suspicious movements in the environment. With this, it is possible to notify residents who are on-site and neighbours at a distance of about 600m.
  • Remote control:  this accessory is an important item to enable and disable communication with the alarm centre, especially in cases of false alerts.

Advantages of Wireless Security System

A Wi-Fi home security system is a type of wireless security system and has a series of equipment designed to provide residents with several advantages, such as:

  • Easy and quick installation (various equipment can be installed by the owner himself);
  • It eliminates the need for interference in the home’s infrastructure (since the equipment does not have wires);
  • Wireless alarm systems with operating autonomy, with batteries that last up to 4 hours (if there is a power outage and the equipment is on Wi-Fi);
  • Convenience in transport (since the equipment is easier to remove, which is ideal for rented properties);
  • Control and monitoring of multiple devices by smartphone app;
  • Design designed not to aesthetically pollute the environment.
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