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CCTV Installation Anaheim

CCTV Installation Anaheim

We are experts in CCTV Installation In AnaheimSecure your business now by calling on Starlight, We will be able to offer you a solution adapted to your needs and your budget. In the event of a problem, our troubleshooters also intervene as quickly as possible for professional repair.

Our CCTV Installation Team In Anaheim offers you:

  • Purchase solution in one or more regulations
  • Rental service for surveillance camera and all video surveillance equipment with maintenance, assistance, movement and new replacement included
  • After-sales service is available seven days a week.
  • Quick repair: our troubleshooters and technicians are at your disposal
  • Quotation for professionals and individuals free and within 24 hours, travel included

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We have almost a decade of bright experience in Security Camera System Installation– giving you the best levels of service, the best protection against theft and vandalism and amazing customer service 24/7.

  • Expert installation of CCTV systems for both home and business
  • Repairs and upgrades to existing camera systems
  • Professional advice on crime reduction, security cameras.

What Are The Benefits Of Infrared Monitoring Cameras?

The monitoring cameras with infrared are security equipment with motion capture capabilities in environments with low light, it is possible to identify the presence of suspicious actions.

Night periods are generally more prone to criminal initiatives due to poor visibility combined with the lesser flow of people in the location. For this reason, security projects are increasingly committed to providing protection at these times.

In a country like Brazil, investment in security is increasingly necessary, especially in large metropolises.

With the progressive reopening of commerce and the return to face-to-face work, buildings and establishments tend to become more and more crowded, making it necessary to redouble safety precautions.

In today’s article, learn about some of the benefits of infrared surveillance cameras and how they help companies in security projects with the resumption of post-quarantine activities. Follow the reading!

Six Advantages Of Infrared Monitoring Cameras In Your Business

Adherence to infrared monitoring cameras, also known as thermal cameras, demonstrates the concern of companies with security (both for their employees and their property).

By allowing better visibility at night, these devices are able to increase security projects, offering some benefits such as:

1 – Support for resuming activities

In addition to acting in the external protection of the establishments, the infrared monitoring cameras help to assess the building’s occupants, optimizing access control and preserving team member safety.

The equipment is able to reach people within a radius of up to 3 meters and monitor body temperature, depending on the model, reducing the need for contact between visitors and controllers. In this way, it is possible to offer support in resuming activities.

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2 – Inhibits criminal actions

The presence of thermal cameras helps to inhibit the action of criminals, who feel less confident in carrying out infractions in front of the monitoring equipment.

In this way, the devices reduce acts of vandalism, theft, robbery, as well as the entry of unauthorized persons into the establishment.

3 – Attractive cost-benefit

The monitoring cameras with infrared are developed with the latest technology while having an attractive investment value.

What’s more, the devices can be integrated into the security system already used in the company, which eliminates IT infrastructure expenses.

4 – Allows centralized management

One of the great advantages of surveillance cameras is their ability to capture images in real-time, with dynamic reproduction in the security centre.

In this way, all data and information are stored in a single management system, allowing for much faster and simpler control of information.

5 – Offers quality and high availability of assets

Infrared video surveillance equipment has dedicated software, which makes a large number of assets available for efficient security analysis.

With this, it is possible to have access to high-quality videos, being possible to identify criminals and malicious acts.

6 – Enables adaptation to other equipment

Infrared monitoring cameras can be integrated with other security devices, such as perimeter alarms and access control equipment.

Thus, the entire video surveillance system can act in the best security for companies, with the possibility of viewing not only movements at night but also any suspicious actions.

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