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Commercial Security Cameras in Anaheim

Commercial Security Cameras in Anaheim

Burglaries and thefts are numerous in the U.S  and you might seek an absolute experienced and elite team to install commercial Security Cameras in Anaheim. Installation of Commercial Security Cameras in Anaheim is our essential job.

STRAIGHT will set up your camera systems by a highly skilled and very well trained security specialist team at very competitive prices with almost a decade of experience and numerous home and business installations.

Our security camera products are very efficient. They are resistant to shocks, heat and extreme cold. The cameras film in high definition and are also efficient at night thanks to the infra-red LED.

  • The request for an estimated price for the installation of security cameras, video surveillance troubleshooting and rental is free. Trust our installers to ensure a perfect follow-up and installation of your protection systems.
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What Are The Benefits Of Security Cameras For The Logistics Sector?

Currently, the logistics sector in the U.S continues to grow. Even in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the market demand in relation to the segment only increases.

What is the result of this? A greater number of deliveries and general material handling. Therefore, with all this increase, there is also the need to protect all this stored material. And for that, there is the Electronic Security Systems, with security cameras, the CCTV.

But after all, how does it work? How important is a security camera? Let’s understand a little more about them.

Security Cameras: Types

Beforehand, the current market offers several options, with a range of prices from lower values ​​to higher values.

  • Cameras with HD or Full HD technology, Infrared: have sensors that light up when they detect low light, maintaining the image quality in B&W and HD. We find in HD and Full HD cameras the model, Dome and Bullet, which is the camera’s external protection box that is used according to the environment.
  • Cameras with HD technology: with 4 megs or 4 K, they also have infrared, but with superior quality, to identify details. We find in the models of the aforementioned cameras, Dome and Bullet, which is the camera’s external protection box, used according to the environment.
  • Cameras with technology, HD or Full HD Color or Starlight! These are cameras that, even in the dark or in low light, keep the images in colour. We find in the models of the aforementioned cameras, Dome and Bullet, which is the camera’s external protection box, used according to the environment.
  • IP Camera: cameras with a technology that features Web server functions, FTP and can operate with various security and network protocols. The IP camera can be configured to send videos over a network, in short, it comes with an internal server, which sends the images directly to the internet, or to an NVD recorder. We find in the models of the aforementioned cameras, Dome and Bullet, which is the camera’s external protection box, used according to the environment.
  • Varifocal cameras are cameras that have a range of lenses with internal adjustments and can reach distances that a common camera does not reach, or bring an image closer. They are available in HD and IP models, with protection boxes, Dome and Bullet, used according to the environment.
  • Fisheye Cameras are cameras that have a vision from 180º to 360º, depending on the location and height that is installed. They are only used indoors.
  • Speed ​​Dome Cameras: cameras that have a 360º view, used in parking lots, shopping malls, industries, usually in places that have a monitoring centre, where the person responsible for monitoring the images can zoom in when he sees something happening. In this way, they can activate the security, for the necessary measures.
  • Among other models for specific projects, we can call Special cameras: the LPR camera that reads automatic license plates, the camera that does Facial Recognition and People Counting, cameras with an integrated temperature gauge, among other models, not mentioned.

Therefore, the choice of camera will depend on the location. They have different ranges with variations of fixed and varifocal lenses, as well as special models for specific environments, therefore, they need to be installed in strategic locations so that the project is in accordance with what has been determined and that the entire perimeter is within reach of your lenses!

Generally, the companies’ logistics sectors are the most-watched, after all, they are the ones that contain the material that produces the same gain.

Importance Of The Camera For The Logistics Sector

In addition to allowing carriers to offer real-time information to their customers, it is possible to have knowledge of any occurrence that may impact product delivery.

In addition, it works to prevent thefts and accidents. As we know, the camera doesn’t stop the action. However, tracking and imaging allow you to get accurate information about everything that’s going on!

Another essential factor is that the production of videos enables the investigation of episodes of vandalism and suspicious actions. The manager can also identify errors in operations, such as deviations and wrong handling of products, especially of dangerous and high-value cargo.

Finally, monitoring, for example, the driver through cameras installed in the vehicle, also helps in the investigation of traffic accidents. This way, it is easy to discover any infraction, such as speeding, opening doors and braking, which can damage the material!

Disadvantages Of Not Using Cameras For The Sector

First of all, the feeling of insecurity is the main reason! Without an efficient camera system, there’s no way to know what’s going on! As a result, there are losses, whether of assets or human capital.

Furthermore, the entire management is compromised! The camera system helps improve carriers’ performance by recording data and creating important reports for smarter decision making.

Reference In Security Systems

One of STRAIGHT‘s main features is the service provided by a highly trained and meticulous team, attentive to all the details involved in the installation of a CCTV system. The location also develops projects for camera systems, analyzing the strategic points of installation and application according to the needs of each customer.

In this way, it guarantees the efficiency, security, tranquillity and full functioning of the Electronic Security System in all locations within its assets, observing everything that happens at the location, whether through a company monitoring centre or through recordings. 24-hour recording and internet access.

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