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Security Cameras for Businesses Anaheim

Security Cameras for Businesses Anaheim

We are experts in Security Cameras for Businesses in AnaheimSecure your business now by calling on Starlight, We will be able to offer you a solution adapted to your needs and your budget. In the event of a problem, our troubleshooters also intervene as quickly as possible for professional repair.

Our Security Cameras for Businesses In Anaheim offers you:

  • Purchase solution in one or more regulations
  • Rental service for surveillance camera and all video surveillance equipment with maintenance, assistance, movement and new replacement included
  • After-sales service is available seven days a week.
  • Quick repair: our troubleshooters and technicians are at your disposal
  • Quotation for professionals and individuals free and within 24 hours, travel included

Contact Us For Security Cameras for Businesses In Anaheim:

We have almost a decade of bright experience in affordable security camera installation in Anaheim– giving you the best levels of service, the best protection against theft and vandalism and amazing customer service 24/7.

  • Expert installation of CCTV systems for both home and business
  • Repairs and upgrades to existing camera systems
  • Professional advice on crime reduction, security cameras.

CCTV: What Is It, And What Are The Benefits?

CCTV, an acronym used for Closed Circuit TV, is a technology-based monitoring environment through analogue or digital cameras and can be used in homes, commercial establishments, rural areas and condominiums.

Originating from the abbreviation in English CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), it guarantees internal monitoring, carried out through security cameras distributed in a certain area and connected to a central system. In it, images are recorded and made available on monitors.

Usually used for monitoring and surveillance, CCTV aims to capture and record security incidents, as well as cases of vandalism, improper behaviour, robberies, among others.

Thus, the security team is able to monitor, in real-time and remotely, what is happening in each environment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This, consequently, allows actions to be taken in cases of need.

In addition, the presence of a CCTV system acts to inhibit criminal actions, as it makes it clear that all movements carried out in the area are monitored and recorded.

How does CCTV installation work? 

With a growing number of customers, CCTV demands a study of environments, so that it is possible to choose the points where the cameras will be installed. The mapping, carried out by a qualified professional, is extremely important, as it identifies the vulnerable spaces in the environment.

Afterwards, the model ( DVR / NVR / HVR ) is defined, which will be responsible for managing the cameras. This, of course, also takes into account how much and what equipment will be needed in each situation.

It is also important to define where the DVR will be installed. The space must be secure to prevent the equipment from being damaged or stolen.

In addition, the camera models chosen must meet the needs of each environment. An outdoor environment, for example, needs equipment with protection against rain and vandalism actions.

Then, the appropriate cabling is defined, be it coaxial or UTP, and the power points will be used.

The management and storage equipment has the function of centralizing the images collected by the various cameras. From there, they make these images available on monitors and other access devices. They can also record the stored scenes for possible future reference.

In analogue systems, the DVR is used (Digital Video Recorder), which works only with images generated and sent by analogue cameras. The NVR (Network Video Recorder), in turn, is used by digital systems, with images via IP. The HVRs (Hybrid Video Recorders), are able to work in a hybrid way with the two types of equipment.

What Are The Benefits? 

The use of CCTV allows the security team to monitor, 24 hours a day and in real-time, what happens in each of the filmed environments. In this way, it is possible to take the necessary actions when detecting any abnormality.

In addition, it facilitates the administration of environments, even remotely, allowing managers to have greater control, even when working from home or travelling. And all this with easy and fast access, since the videos can be accessed live and on any device, whether notebook, mobile or tablet, as long as you have Internet access.

Furthermore, it allows the recorded images to be recorded for any further analysis, which helps in identifying suspects. In specific cases, they can be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

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