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Home CCTV Installation Irvine

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Home Cameras: Why and Where to Install?

Installing a good monitoring system certainly brings more security to both your family and your property. For this reason, people are increasingly choosing to use cameras at home. After all, recording images inhibits the action of criminals and allows you to control activities in the environment and gather evidence if necessary. But it is important to know that the installation of security cameras requires some special care for them to be really efficient.

Whether in commercial points and companies or in homes, surveillance is the perfect solution to improve the security of both your business and your family. Nowadays, the CCTV system is the most used in Brazil, with excellent results.

The advantages of having a home monitoring system are numerous. Want to know more about the subject? So, keep reading! In this post, we’ll explain how surveillance cameras work, what their benefits are, and where they should be installed to ensure protection.

What are monitoring cameras?

Monitoring cameras are devices composed of an image sensor, short-range or long-range lens, and usually contain infrared technology. In this way, it is possible to capture even in dark places and during the night period with excellent sharpness. Also, in addition to high-resolution images, some models can capture audio with good quality.

Monitoring cameras are used in conjunction with video recorders ( DVR, HVR or NVR ) and have technology standards such as CVBS (analogue) or HDs (AHD, HDCVI and HDTVI).

As there are several models, security cameras meet the most diverse needs. Thus, they have been increasingly used to ensure protection on public roads, commercial points and homes.

How do surveillance cameras work?

The use of cameras for security is called video surveillance or CCTV — Closed Circuit Television. As already mentioned, there are several models, which can be basically divided into two types: analogue and IP.

Analogue cameras are connected via a cable, whether UTP or coaxial, to a DVR, where images are managed and stored. For real-time viewing, this same DVR has HDMI or VGA outputs that allow connection to monitors or TVs. In turn, IP cameras allow internet connection with an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi directly from a computer, through management software or even via a browser, without the need for a recorder. However, if there is a large number of   IP cameras, it is essential to adopt an NVR for image management.

For this reason, images can be monitored remotely by a computer, tablet or smartphone. There is the possibility of storage on devices such as a surveillance HDD, or even in the cloud. Available recording time will depend on HDD or cloud capacity.

It works as follows: the security camera sends the video signal to the DVR, in the desired format. This device has the function of recording the generated images, transmitting them in real-time to monitors or via the internet and archiving them for a certain period.

What are the main types of cameras used?

The electronic security market offers a wide variety of cameras. The ideal is to know the main types so that you can choose the most suitable for your situation and need. Therefore, we can mention:

  • dome camera: this is a modern camera model fully covered with a type of dome, containing an infrared sensor, protecting it from dust, rain and wind. Thus, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor environments;
  • bullet camera: one of the most popular types, with infrared, ideal for indoors or outdoors;
  • IP camera: contains an internal server responsible for sending images directly to the internet/ network ;
  • box camera: with large size, this professional model offers high-resolution images (in disuse in the market);
  • minicamera: has reduced dimensions, and can be installed among decorative objects without being noticed by the locals (in disuse in the market);
  • Protection Technology: as security cameras are installed in the most diverse places, it is important to check their degree of protection. Therefore, if any of the models mentioned offer IP66 or IP65 protection, they can be installed outdoors, insulated against rain, dust, etc.
What parts of the system?

See, below, which parts of the system are!


It is important to know which fixed cameras you will install in your home, as each one has different characteristics, which we talked about in the previous topic.

Camera models adapt to the needs of each location. There are options with an image sensor, for indoor and outdoor use, infrared, with anti-rain protection, and also a system capable of inhibiting acts of vandalism.


Cameras need good lenses so they can capture sharp images. The most common are the fixed ones, capable of capturing a more focused and wider viewing angle. Each lens has a specification, such as focal length, lenses that make vertical and horizontal movements, all from a control that is under the responsibility of the operator.

Image recording systems


The DVR ( Digital Video Recorder )  is a device often used when you only have analogue cameras in action, as it presents a great cost-benefit ratio.


The NVR ( Network Video Recorder ) system is very similar to the DVR. It allows recording and integration of all cameras in the same device. The difference lies in the suitability for IP technology only. This way, the cameras will be connected to the device without the use of cables.


The  HVR  ( Hybrid Video Recorder ) is a combination of the DVR and what the name “hybrid” suggests. As such, it supports both IP and analogue cameras in its system.

What are the advantages of installing cameras at home & office?

Video surveillance offers protection and peace of mind for residents of the residence. This is the main reason for the increase in demand for installing cameras at home. Thus, the benefits of its use are:

  • Crime prevention: Having cameras on-site helps to inhibit criminal activity. Furthermore, in case it occurs, it allows the visualization of the fact at the moment it happens. In this way, the police can be called in on time;
  • excellent cost-benefit: the cost of installing cameras is quite low compared to the damage they help to avoid;
  • comfort and freedom: you have the freedom to leave your home without having to worry, knowing that your property is protected;
  • remote monitoring: with current technology, it is possible to remotely monitor everything that is happening in the environment.
Where to install cameras at home & office?

To guarantee your protection, that of your family and of your property, it is essential that the cameras are installed by a company or specialized professional. After all, it is necessary to identify the strategic and vulnerable points of the property, the daily lives of local residents and workers, as well as the crime in the region.

With this information, professionals in the field will know which type of camera is the most suitable and the places where they should be installed. There are points that should not be without video monitoring, as shown below.

Entrance gate

The installation of cameras at the entrance gate is able to inhibit criminal actions. In addition, it makes possible the perception and identification of a suspect prowling your home. In this way, the police can be called for the proper investigation of the fact.

Main door

The front door is one of the accesses most used by criminals to break into a residence. This way, this place cannot be left unprotected. The installation of cameras to capture the images of this point and the surroundings is essential to guarantee the security of your home.

Back door

As the back doors are generally located far from the street and with little movement of people, it is also popular access for burglars. Therefore, it is important not to leave this point unmonitored.


As it is the environment in which cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other goods are stored, it must be properly protected. After all, many criminals do not even enter the residence, preferring to break into and steal only what is in the garage, as there is less probability of being caught by a resident.

First floor or front windows

Especially if located at the back of the house or in environments where there is not much movement during part of the day, first-floor windows are often used by criminals to break into a home.

Internal environment

Security cameras are also installed inside the house, in environments such as children’s or babies’ rooms, living room, kitchen and laundry areas. This way, both the exterior and the interior of your house will be properly protected and monitored.

Cautions when installing cameras at home

In addition to location, you need to consider some factors when installing the cameras! Check out which ones they are!


It won’t do much good to have a security camera system in your house if they don’t capture the images clearly, would you? So make sure the sun’s rays don’t interfere with recordings and see if there’s light at night if the cameras don’t have infrared technology.

Equipment protection

Ensure that wind and rain do not damage the cameras. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the equipment in places that are difficult to access, thus preventing it from being stolen or damaged.


It is necessary to be aware that the cameras are directed to where you want to film, always being very careful not to violate the neighbourhood’s privacy rights.

Finally, installing cameras at home is essential to prevent robberies, break-ins and robberies. Also, it helps in identifying criminals. With the wide variety of models, it is possible that any home can benefit from the advantages of its use. By installing security cameras on your property, you will certainly ensure protection, tranquillity and peace for your family!

For this,  contact us right now and find out how we can help you have more security for you and your assets!

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