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Affordable CCTV Installation In Newport Beach

Affordable CCTV Installation In Newport Beach

We have an elite team for Affordable CCTV Installation In Newport BeachSecure your business now by calling on Starlight, We will be able to offer you a solution adapted to your needs and your budget. In the event of a problem, our troubleshooters also intervene as quickly as possible for professional repair.

Our CCTV Installation Team In Newport Beach team offers you:

  • Purchase solution in one or more regulations
  • Rental service for surveillance camera and all video surveillance equipment with maintenance, assistance, movement and new replacement included
  • After-sales service is available seven days a week.
  • Quick repair: our troubleshooters and technicians are at your disposal
  • Quotation for professionals and individuals free and within 24 hours, travel included

Contact Us for Affordable CCTV Installation In Newport Beach:

We have almost a decade of bright experience in affordable security camera installation in Anaheim– giving you the best levels of service, the best protection against theft and vandalism and amazing customer service 24/7.

  • Expert installation of CCTV systems for both home and business
  • Repairs and upgrades to existing camera systems
  • Professional advice on crime reduction, security cameras.

The advantages and disadvantages of cell phone camera monitoring

With certainty monitoring alarms and cameras by mobile phone is very advantageous. You can at any time receive information about your security system and about your property, such as power outage – and consequently, vulnerability after the battery runs out, if the alarm has been triggered, check on images if someone is stealing the property or if there is someone being surrendered on site.
But it’s not always enough, and that’s what we’ll cover in this

The Advantages of Self-Monitoring

Handle the cameras anytime you want

Just a Closed Circuit TV system – CCTV installed, and access to the application by mobile you can check the cameras whenever you want, just have a reasonable internet on the phone to do this.

Controlling the Remote Alarm

With the application, you have functions such as arming and arming the alarm, in addition to isolating sectors (i.e. disabling only one sector) in a practical and effective way.

Remote Access Control

You control the entry of people through the mobile phone, in case someone needs to access the location, even if you are distant.


Having resources at hand is never too much, especially when it comes to safety, whether in preserving the physical integrity of the client, employees and family or in the conservation of material heritage. However, in several situations, only the monitoring of one’s own via cell phone is not enough. We’ll mention some situations that may occur and that you’ll need more resources to stay safe.

You can be surrendered

Even with the system of cameras and alarms, when you enter through the garage or concierge, a thief can take advantage of your entrance to also enter the place. Once he’s armed, he won’t have any trouble surrendering. With you doing your own monitoring, a third party will not see what happens.
With 24-hour monitoring done by a monitoring centre, some monitor sees what happened in the event of the activation of the panic button or else when being forced to enter the password, you would use the coerce password, which would not trigger an audible alarm, but send the notification to the central call the police and take appropriate
measures, in addition to opening the images on the centre screen so that the monitor tracks that occurrence.

Your property may be raided when you are away from the mobile phone

As much as we are increasingly aware of the mobile phone, several situations also occur that end up moving away from this: you can enter a bank and because this the cell phone is in the silence, or in a movie theatre, the battery of the mobile phone may be finished (very common), the internet of the mobile operator or wifi of the place may be temporarily out of the area, you may be on a trip or a meeting and not notice notifications that the phone is off… finally, the possibilities are diverse. If you don’t have a monitoring plant, your property is unprotected.

It is possible to Strengthen Security

With a 24-hour monitoring centre adding to the security of your property, you have the peace of mind to know that in the situations mentioned above there would be a company specializing in property security to intervene quickly and professionally to preserve the lives of the people of the place and also their heritage. It is still possible to acquire other services that will ensure even more security, such as vehicular tracking, in which the plant accompanies you in a kidnapping case, even if the bandit forces you to leave the place next to him.


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