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What are body cameras and how do they work?

Body cameras are coupled to the uniform of security agents and capture video and audio. They can also live-stream images of an occurrence to the operations centre. You can also tell the geolocation of the equipment.

There are several models of body cameras available on the market. The most used in patrols, in general, have batteries that last up to 12 hours, as well as internal memory to store the recordings throughout the service shift, and are resistant to falls and water.

The data, encrypted to prevent editing or tampering, is transferred to an on-premises or cloud server. In addition to the cameras, the system consists of an evidence management solution, where the videos recorded by the police are stored. This allows you to search for the occurrence number, date, time, and other parameters. The system also maintains the chain of custody of all recordings and the viewing history of each video. Some solutions allow audio transcription and facial recognition.


The use of body cameras by security forces is one of the recommendations of the Manual for The Prevention and Combat of Torture and Ill-Treatment for custody hearing of the CNJ. The body is part of the Brazilian judicial system and has among its objectives to ensure transparency and speed of judicial proceedings. According to the publication, body cameras contribute positively to the behaviour of agents, collaborating so that they do not exceed the use of force and remain at the limit of the law in the fulfilment of arrest warrants.

With the adoption of the cameras, complaints and complaints by citizens decreased. There has also been reduced processes and faster solution when they come to pass since the cameras can offer hard evidence.

How are body cameras being adopted in several countries?

Although they are popular in several countries, body cameras are not used in the same way in all societies. Denmark was one of the first to experience this technology. Currently, the equipment is intended for professionals working in detention centres.

In Canada, portable cameras were met with suspicion by police officers, concerned about privacy issues. But after some tests, the agents approved the use of the accessory. Today, the biggest concern is with details such as battery life or correct fixation.


The preservation of privacy also matters a lot to the French. In that country, the law that allows the use of body cameras provides for specific objectives: accident prevention during the intervention of the police-military force, training and education of police officers, support for the trial of suspects and detection of violations of the law.

Swedish police restrict the use of body cameras to large popular demonstrations and football matches. The artefact is not a permanent part of the police uniform.

What are the benefits of a body camera?

Body cameras proved to be effective in containing friction between the police force and citizens. At first, the adoption of this type of equipment can generate some discomfort, but it does not take long to be perceived as a technology that can be used to your advantage. That’s because the suspect or offender is also having his movements recorded. In addition, field teams can rely on GPS to be located quickly if needed: in many situations, this can mean a vital advantage.

The data obtained by body cameras also have a direct impact on the investigation and criminal procedural instruction. The process no longer depends solely on the testimony of the agents. In this sense, it also tends to make negotiation and even the attempt to negotiate agreements that avoid judgment and a long process, depending on the strength of the evidence, more attractive.

There is an evident and almost immediate gain in control over police action, often questioned. The data brought by the cameras prevent inappropriate behaviour and record any failures. They also serve to train agents and plan actions, in addition to safeguarding these same professionals in dangerous situations or in the case of false allegations.

In short

Like all new, body cameras bring changes that directly impact the day-to-day life of police forces. They bring several benefits, such as increasing the safety of frontline agents.

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