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Most Affordable Commercial Security Camera Installation Anaheim

Most Affordable Commercial Security Camera Installation Anaheim

Looking for Most Affordable Commercial Security Camera Installation Anaheim? You are just in the right place. STARLIGHT is a company in Southern California specialized in electronic security, we have been operating for almost a decade in this market, performing installations, sales and maintenance of electronic security equipment, our target audience is: businesses, industries and homes, our main services are: installation of security cameras and alarms,

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What is the purpose of security cameras?

When they asked me “what is the purpose of security cameras”, I didn’t have to think too hard to answer: Be safe! So I ask you more: Are only security cameras enough to provide you with security?

Let’s talk about it.

It is not uncommon that when we think about property security (whether your home or your business) we think about security cameras. It’s a logical thought, but not always 100% assertive (I’ll explain why).

We start from the meaning of the word Security itself:

State, quality or condition of who or what is free of dangers, uncertainties, insured against possible damages and risks; the situation in which there is nothing to fear.


Let’s talk a little more about CCTV security cameras (CCTV means closed-circuit television) and see if it provides this security that we have as our objective.

Benefits of Security Cameras

Security cameras provide monitoring and recording (in most cases) of your environment. This monitoring considerably increases security for a few reasons.

  • Cameras inhibit small infractions, as the environment is monitored;
  • Assists in the search for possible unidentified thefts;
  • It brings real-time images of environments highly exposed to criminals, being possible to monitor them to reduce incidences;
  • The recordings are evidence documents for the police;
  • The theft images can be used for learning, as it can be seen how the criminal was acting. And with that, you can improve your security techniques and tactics.

These are reasons enough for you to think about having security cameras in your home or business. But the real motivation is, in most cases, after a case of theft, or attempt, on the spot. Did it happen to someone you know?

And in these cases, while CCTV security cameras help, they do not eliminate the possibility of this incident occurring.

On the other hand, when CCTV security cameras are used together with other equipment, they proportionally increase the security of the environment.

Let’s see some examples of the performance of security cameras with other systems or associated equipment?

CCTV Security Cameras with Access Control

This access control can be an access control system or a manual way of controlling people’s access to an environment.

A CCTV security camera with an intercom, for example, helps in recognizing people for authorization to enter their home or business. Without the intercom, where the person can communicate their entry, it is necessary to move someone to this door/access gate, which again impacts the quality of security involved in the process.

The same happens without the automation of the opening of this access, whether by an electronic gate system or resources such as a gate, electromagnetic lock, biometrics, among others. If it’s a robbery and the person who wants access is armed, having the security camera – just – doesn’t solve the situation.

The examples cited can be used in separate systems and without integration between them. For effective quality in security, it is important that these sets of security solutions are integrated, or even unified in a single tool, such as Genetec, which concentrates all resources on a single platform.


CCTV Security Cameras with Security Alarm

As in the previous topic, having only the security camera in case of an intrusion may not be enough. This is due to the fact that there is not always someone monitoring the environment 24 hours a day.

The operation of an alarm system together with a CCTV system helps to identify the intrusion of any element beyond the protective barrier. By triggering the alarm, you can immediately open your CCTV security cameras, trigger the police and act in the safety of your life and your family.

This integration of security cameras with alarms is the most common, and the market is already moving to bring these embedded solutions. We see from the growing number of IP cameras with motion detection available on the market, which is excellent with regard to the security of our home.

Thinking about the use of these wireless security cameras in companies, our suggestion is that you analyze the objective of your project. It is essential to understand what the real need is and how the equipment will actually help you and meet your expectations.

CCTV Security Cameras and Image Analytics

The part of image analytics deserves a text just for him because there are many acting options. But let’s summarize here, starting with “what would these analytics be?”

Image analytics are rule settings within your CCTV system or even your security camera (depending on the model). These rules are parameters configured in the equipment that signal when you must be informed if something happens unexpectedly.

Examples of Image Analytics

One of the possible configurations is the Perimeter case, your security system will be activated as soon as there is an intrusion in the configured zone, see this video of just 2 minutes explaining the application of the perimeter function below.

It is possible to count people, very conducive to the moment we are living where the places cannot reach their maximum capacity due to the pandemic. In this case, it is possible to create the rule and the security cameras help with this monitoring. And security here goes beyond thefts and enters the public health barrier.

And speaking of health, it is also possible to create rules to measure the temperature of people who are in the environment.

In conclusion…

Well, if security means being free from dangers, we concluded that security cameras alone are not enough to provide the integral security of our assets. But they are an important part of ensuring that feeling.

And if you have a specific demand or any questions, we are at your disposal.

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