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Security Camera System Installation Anaheim

Burglaries and thefts are numerous in the U.S  and you might seek an absolute experienced and elite team to install Security Camera System Installation Anaheim.

Burglaries and thefts are numerous in the U.S  and you might seek an absolute experienced and elite team to install Security Camera System Installation Anaheim. Installation of Security Camera Systems in Anaheim is our essential job.

STRAIGHT will set up your camera systems by a highly skilled and very well trained security specialist team at very competitive prices with almost a decade of experience and numerous home and business installations.

Our security camera products are very efficient. They are resistant to shocks, heat and extreme cold. The cameras film in high definition and are also efficient at night thanks to the infra-red LED.

The request for an estimated price for the installation of security cameras, video surveillance troubleshooting and rental is free. Trust our installers to ensure a perfect follow-up and installation of your protection systems.

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Importance of cameras for home and business security

Today, when we think about security systems, one of the first options that come to mind is surveillance cameras. That’s because, this type of system has become very widespread around the world and, without a doubt, brings extreme security to homes and business buildings.

In this sense, combining security and technology, Wi-Fi cameras emerge as an alternative for those looking for innovation, as, among other advantages, they allow monitoring to be done in high resolution and with audio capture.

In this text, we will explain the importance of cameras for the security of your home or business, the advantages of Wi-Fi cameras compared to CCTV systems, and the differentials of the G.Smart line for home automation. Check out!

Why Invest in Security Cameras?

Nothing can be more frustrating than having your house or building invaded by malicious people, right? With that in mind, in recent years a security solution has become popular in the market, bringing a lot of convenience and little concern: security cameras. After all, one of the most efficient measures to ensure protection is to watch the place 24 hours a day.

In addition to real-time monitoring, the other advantages of having a security camera system are the possibility of inhibiting illicit intentions, triggering remote alarms and, in the Wi-Fi camera lines, controlling everything by smartphone from anywhere in the world.

What are the advantages of Wi-Fi cameras compared to CCTV systems?

With the advancement of technology, everything has been improved to bring more comfort and ease to daily life, especially when it comes to safety.

In this sense, Wi-Fi security cameras were developed, which have several advantages over the analogue CCTV system (closed-circuit television), check the list:

  1. High-resolution images

Unlike most analogue systems, Wi-Fi cameras have Full HD resolution, allowing you to zoom in on the image without losing quality, for example.

  1. Audio capture

We know that in many cases images alone are not enough to perceive a risky situation, and in this sense, Wi-Fi cameras have technology that makes it possible not only to see but also to hear everything through the so-called two-way audio functions.

  1. No computer needed

Closed-circuit television systems need the help of a storage system, such as an HD, for example. This does not happen with Wi-Fi cameras, because the devices work independently of these features.

  1. Remote access

Perhaps the main advantage, home automation is extremely useful and makes everyone’s life easier. With the G.Smart line, everything can be done through an application installed on your cell phone.

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