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Surveillance Camera installation Irvine CA

Surveillance Camera installation Irvine CA

Looking for Affordable Surveillance Camera installation Irvine CA? You are just in the right place. STARLIGHT is a company in California specialized in electronic security, we have been operating for almost a decade in this market, performing installations, sales and maintenance of electronic security equipment, our target audience is: businesses, industries and homes, our main services are: installation of security cameras and alarms,


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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Your Security Camera

Protecting your home, business or office is essential. For this, there are alarm systems that are accompanied by surveillance cameras that allow you to maintain several protected areas and timely detect the entry of intruders in real-time. However, they certainly still exist things you don’t know about your security camera and this has made them a versatile tool.

Cameras for the benefit of security

Security cameras work like closed-circuit video connected to a surveillance system, which is only seen by people with enabled access. Its function is to record events in real-time, take pictures from different angles and broadcast live what happens even within a 360° range so that the owner has valuable support material in case of theft.

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Security Camera

Despite the fact that security cameras have become popular today and are used interchangeably in different types of buildings, there are fun facts about them that you might not yet know about, like the ones mentioned below:

  • During 1960 security cameras were used to monitor a rocket launch in Germany. Its system was designed by Walter Bruch, in order to follow the event without risking the lives of its people.
  • Through studies carried out in 2014, it was determined that there were at least 245 million security cameras in the world, fully operational, a number that undoubtedly has increased today thanks to technological advances and easy access to the Internet.
  • Did you know that every time you use the ATM you are monitored by a camera? In fact, there are many cases of fraud that have been resolved thanks to footage recorded on these devices.
  • There are places where surveillance cameras are always placed that record 24 hours a day, such as shopping centres, supermarkets, banks, public roads and main roads in the urban area.
  • Some security cameras work without electricity, so they are provided with a battery that allows them to keep recording within a certain time limit.

Currently, most people have a cell phone that allows an Internet connection, so they can access the images provided by their surveillance camera through an application provided by their alarm provider and observe in real-time what happens inside their property. , from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Using a Surveillance Camera

In order to keep your home or business safe, you can choose the best surveillance system and ensure that it has efficient cameras and sufficient coverage. You should also consider your specific needs, as they will guide you in choosing your ideal security camera.

For example, you’ll find some with a wide variety, like thermals, but the video quality isn’t very good; while conventional ones with less coverage allow you to identify an intruder’s characteristics in great detail. On the other hand, using PTZ expands your viewing range as it has movement, which makes it easier for you to control specific areas.

Also, you should keep in mind that covering the protection of an apartment, cottage or office is not the same as covering an industry, in which case you will need to choose the number of cameras needed to ensure a wide range of coverage.

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